“Family” Dinners

Curator’s Note: This is a note from Teresa Clark, who became very close with Jack and the family when they lived in Washington. Her thoughts on how Jack made her feel like family are a common thread among those of us who knew him well. Thank you, Teresa, for sharing your memories.

Excuse my tardiness, but I really wanted to dwell a little on my memory of Jack and form my words thoughtfully to share with you and the guests coming (for the headstone ceremony).

Simply put, I have a myriad of vivid memories of conversations/discussions with Jack over our “family” dinners. I say “family” in quotes because although you all are not my blood relatives, we share a connection and I consider you (the Wrights) part of my family. We have shared many meals together as an extended family which I enjoyed and will always hold dear in my memory. Jack had a presence, physically and spiritually, and a passion for whatever he was talking about. I loved to listen to him talk, with such conviction, and share his opinion, (whether I shared his opinion or not). He was a smart guy, a funny guy, a loving family man. So many people are lucky to have known him and I am one of them.

I will miss you Jack. Please look out for us.

Love, Teresa Clark and family