What Else? Strength and Work Ethic

Curator’s Note: This is a story from a friend from church, Jody Diddy-Meneghini, about Jack’s willingness to use his great physical strength to work hard and help those around him. Despite (or maybe because of) his career in the moving business, I know lots of people, myself included, have similar memories of Jack working hard and moving things. Thanks for sharing this story, Jody.

I always admired him and his work ethic and quiet assurance he carried with him. With “Trek” coming up this summer I always have this vivid memory of the last “trek” when Jack trucked all the gear for the entire stake up to Ensign Ranch. After everything was unloaded he was just standing there in the doorway of the empty truck, arms extended as if to say, “what else? bring it on!” It blew my mind that he would be so giving and willing to do such a great service for all the youth of the stake. He will be greatly missed.